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Must Have Retro Beauty Products

Attention Beauty Lovers! I am a huge fan of retro beauty products. Retro beauty products stand the test of time and have been around forever. There is a reason why these products have been around so long…They are incredible. Beauty lovers are constantly going back to these beauty favorites. What are some of your go-to retro beauty products? Keep reading to see a few of my favorites.

Retro Beauty Products

Thanks so much to the amazing ladies at Mr. Bubble for sending me these amazing retro beauty products. Mr. Bubble is a cult classic and they have completely redesigned their line. However, the classic feel is definitely still there.

“The same great original Mr. Bubble scent adults have loved for more than 55 years – and which makes bath time fun for their own children – is available along with two new fragrances: Sweet & Clean and Sparkling Sorbet.

Posted on August 26th

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